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My Health and Wellness Story

To me, health and wellness are essential areas of focus in my life. It’s why I started practicing yoga and meditation in college to counter the stress from long hours of sitting in classes. Optimum health and wellness also meant feeding my body the nutrients it needed to function every day at school.


My mother introduced me to the wonderful world of massage in high school when we would lay on the couch and rub each other’s feet as we watched Survivor or Once Upon a Time. It was more than just a foot rub; It was our bonding time. It was our time to gossip about the silly middle school students she taught that day. Our mother-daughter time was therapeutic, and I felt a connection to those moments whenever I received a massage at a local spa.


While in school, I also took dance and trained to run 5k’s and 10k’s. I often felt sore in my legs, especially my shins and calves. My shoulders grew tense from holding ballroom dance frames and positions during rehearsals and performances. Because I lead an active lifestyle, my body demanded more relaxation. I turned to yoga and massage therapists for help, and was able to jump back into dance and running with fresh, oxygenated blood and loose muscles.


When I graduated college with my bachelor’s degree in English, I decided to take a break from dance and running races. However, I still experience aches and pains that require my attention. This year on Mother’s Day, I felt an extreme amount of soreness and looked online for any local spa that would take me. Every spa was booked, except for one. Lility Massage had an opening, so I scheduled a session immediately. Abbie’s relaxation treatment gave me exactly what my body needed, and I drove home feeling able to go back to work in better condition.

"What have you done today for you?"

In order to reach my utmost health and wellness, I signed up for six-week massage series at Lility. The first session began last week, Friday October 6th. Abbie focused on my neck and low back where I experienced the most pain going into the session. Coming out of the session, not only did my neck and back feel loose and flexible, my mind felt light and less stressed. The following session will include the use of hot stones which I am excited to experience. (click here to book yours)


Each week will be a progression towards optimum living, and I may even get back into running races again! I am pairing the massage treatment with hot yoga classes at Lakewood Holistic and Wellness, and the use of aromatherapy to focus on activating different energy centers of the body.


My personal health story is an endless endeavor of self discovery and empowerment through the practice of caring for myself. This journey is also about sharing my story, in hopes that my experiences will ignite a fire within you to care for yourself.

~ Leave a comment: What makes you feel rejuvenated and wholesome? Have you carved out the time and space you need to feel your best? What have you done today for you?


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