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Lility Massage offers various types of massage including: Swedish, relaxation, deep tissue, injury treatment, sports massage, pregnancy massage and many more. Providing excellent massage therapy to avoid injuries, reduce pain, maintain wellness and completely relax the mind and body. Are you tired of other therapists giving you their everyday routine rather than listening to your needs? If so book with me today. My focus is to discover what you need, and then design a massage that best fits you. 

Whether your visit is for headaches, low back pain, that shoulder tension that has been bugging you for weeks, or for pure relaxation, I will create a massage to fit your specific needs to get you feeling better and as pain free as possible. All I ask is you give me the chance to continue to earn your business each and every time. Book an appointment today you'll see why Lility Massage has the best massage in Lakewood and surrounding areas! I look forward to seeing you soon.
(Appointments only, walk-ins not available)
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I been going to her for over 2 years now. I been taking massages for the past 10 years because of my neck injury. She is the best for deep tissue massage. Really works on the problem and I feel so much better after massage.

Mayra S.


First, let me admit that my body doesn’t adhere to the “usual” or “typical” pathways of pain relief. After several massages of trying different ways or techniques to combat my problems, Abbie found what works best for me. Nerve Strokes are more potent for my wellness & healing than the usual “deep tissue” which just seemed to aggravate my issues. Second, I love that Abbie took the time to really listen to what my body needed even if it wasn’t the most conventional things. Third, I’m thankful that I didn’t give up searching for pain relief cause my journey to relief was slightly longer than most. Lastly, I get massages for me...a reward, a treat just for me! Besides feeling better, I have less mental stress and lower blood pressure too. Abbie’ is for me, the best reason to spend money & time on a massage.

Tammy M.


Went for my first massage in 10 years because my shoulder has been bad. Abbie is a terrific massage therapist with a comprehensive understanding of what techniques work to fix muscle & movement issues. And she's a super person to boot! Highly recommend

Matt G.


My body is riddled with injuries from my time as a football player and an infantryman. Abbie is amazing! I haven’t felt like this in years. We had an extensive conversation about my various problem areas, and she was able to relieve a lot of my pain. Abbie is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Added plus, she’s extremely easy to talk too. I would recommend Abbie to anyone who wants an alternative to pain management, and even a little brush up on their mental health. Great experience!

Matthew N.


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